The Top 5 Music Channels on YouTube That Don’t End in “VEVO”

Ed Sheeran:

Congratulations to Ed Sheeran.  He’s gone from being an opening act for Taylor Swift to having more subscribers than her on YouTube.  The popular young Englishman boasts over 27 million subscribers, which is good for #2 overall on the list of Most-Subscribed Music Channels on YouTube.  Considering that three of the top-five and six of the top-ten music channels on YouTube are VEVO artists, Sheeran is in pretty rarified air.

Interestingly, while Sheeran sits nearly atop the pack in YouTube subscribers, his channel views put him at the bottom of the top-ten for most-viewed music channels on YouTube.  As a multi-time grammy-winner with a bright future ahead, it is likely these numbers will only climb.  The real question for Mr. Sheeran’s fans on YouTube is whether Taylor Swift will close the gap and take the #2 spot before he manages to surpass overall music-leader, Justin Bieber.

Canal Kondzilla:

Canal KondZilla, or KondZilla, or Konrad Cunha Dantas is a Brazilian recording sensation and sits behind Taylor Swift’s YouTube channel in the top-five of the most-subscribed music channels on YouTube.  This gives him the distinction of being the most-subscribed non-English channel in the Music Category (TSeries considers itself an Entertainment channel).

In terms of views, KondZilla holds his own pretty well.  He’s both a top-five most-subscribed YouTube channel AND a top-five most-viewed YouTube channel.  This balance between subscribers and views is pretty impressive considering his competition.  Also impressive is how quickly he has risen in the YouTube rankings.  His channel began in 2012 — six years after Ed Sheeran’s.  Yet, KondZilla has ~1 billion more views despite having fewer subscribers than Sheeran.


Spinnin’ Records, or SpinninRec as it is known on YouTube, is a Dutch record label that was acquired by Warner Music Group in 2017.  According to their website, Spinnin’ Records is “the world’s leading record label.”  Unfortunately for Warner Music Group, SpinninRec is not the world’s leading YouTube music channel — placing in the bottom of the top-ten YouTube channels  in the Music category.  Still, Spinnin’ Records’ 20 million+ subscribers is still good enough to be a top-thirty most-subscribed YouTube channel of all time.

Elektra Records:

Elektra Records is certainly the “oldest” entry on this list — having been founded in the 1950’s.  Today the label boasts such world-renowned artists as Bruno Mars, Bjork, and CeeLo Green.  Elektra has an interesting history as a record label.  Like Spinnin’ Records, Elektra is owned by Warner Music Group.  However, the label hasn’t always been active — especially in the early 2000’s when the YouTube channel was first created (2006).  Nonetheless, plucky-old Elektra Records has managed be a success as a YouTube channel.  Elektra boats top-fifty positions in both viewers and subscribers.  Considering their current and historic talent, that isn’t surprising.  What is surprising is that Warner Music Group’s English-language channel focusing on American artists lags its Dutch label.  It’s strangely reminiscent of the Olympic speed-skating competition I’m watching right now.

All Trap Nation:

All Trap Nation is a perfect example of why YouTube is the most under-rated social media network.  On YouTube, All Trap Nation boasts over 17 million subscribers.  Compare that to “just” 337k followers on Facebook and “just” 84.2k followers on Twitter.  Those are enormous gaps.  If you’re into electronic dance music, this is the first YouTube channel you should look into.  At least, 17 million other fans think so.


One of the cool things about StatSheep is our ability to look at the YouTube data and find sound-bytes like these.  Even though VEVO has its own platform, it is undeniably one of the most successful collectives on YouTube.  Nonetheless, it’s impressive how singular artists like Ed Sheeran or KondZilla manage to compete.  It’s also cool to dig a little deeper and see how successfully Warner Music Group has been using the YouTube medium to promote their artists.  In the coming weeks we’ll be bringing you more cool insights on YouTube channels.  Keep following StatSheep.  We follow the stats.


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